Mastering Image Processing: Enhance, Analyze and Transform Your Data


From healthcare and automotive to robotics and security, image processing plays a crucial role in enhancing capabilities and improving outcomes. However, engineers and researchers often encounter technical challenges, such as dealing with image quality and object image variations.

Join us for an insightful webinar where we explore cutting-edge advancements in image processing and how these techniques are transforming various industries.


  • Import, display, and manipulate images.
  • Image segmentation
  • Image preprocessing and post-processing techniques
  • Image batch processing
  • Image labeling for deep learning applications

Who should attend:

Engineers and researchers working in industries such as healthcare, automotive, entertainment, and security who want to enhance their understanding of image processing (R&D, AI Engineer, Devs, Perception Engineer, Image Analyst, IPCV engineer)


  • Image processing
  • Computer Vision


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Our Speaker

Rasyiqah New_Color

Rasyiqah Annani Mohd Rosidi

Application Engineer

Rasyiqah  is an Application Engineer specializing in the domains of Image Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning with MATLAB. She leverages her expertise to assist diverse clients from various industries in a wide range of projects, including Real-time Object Recognition, Deep Learning and Computer Vision-based detection of manufacturing defects, data forecasting analytics, and multiple image processing endeavors.

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