Simulink for Developing Digital Control for Motors, Power Converters, and Battery Systems


Simulink is a block diagram environment used to design systems with multidomain models, simulate before moving to hardware, and deploy without writing code.


Simulink makes it easy to try new ideas, test them, and go to hardware without coding. It includes a deep set of tools and third-party support that let you design and simulate your power electronic controls, test them in real time, and generate code for hardware.


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Digital Control Design for Power Electronics

Simulink® makes it easy to try new control algorithms, test them, and deploy them to hardware without manual coding. It includes control design and modeling add-on libraries and third-party tools to simulate your power electronic controls algorithms and generate code for real-time testing and production implementation.

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Develop power electronics control systems using simulation with MATLAB, Simulink, and a full set of products for power electronics control.

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