5G New Radio Design with MATLAB

Engineers are using MATLAB® and Simulink® to develop products that implement the new 5G New Radio (NR) specification.
Learn how you can accelerate 5G NR development tasks such as optimizing 5G physical layer algorithms and link-level performance, simulating RF and antenna designs, and system verification with hardware prototypes and over-the-air tests.
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This practical guide covers:

📶 Section 1: Technology and Design

Get an introduction to the 5G physical layer and RF techniques you can use to optimize spectrum efficiency and data rates.

📶 Section 2: New Architectures and Algorithms

Learn about techniques such as hybrid beamforming, linearizing power amplifiers, new radio waveforms, and polar codes and LDPC channel coding.

📶 Section 3: Accelerating Prototypes and Field  Trials

See the steps to convert MATLAB reference algorithms to automatically generate HDL code. Read case studies on how Huawei and Ericsson are using these methods.

📶 Section 4: System Verification and  Testing

Learn how you can use MATLAB to perform over-the-air tests with software-defined radios and RF instruments, and to postprocess, analyze, and visualize large amounts of test data.

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