Developing Autonomous Mobile Robots Using MATLAB and Simulink

MATLAB® and Simulink® provide tools and algorithms you can use throughout your workflow for developing and verifying autonomous mobile robots, including:

✅ Hardware platform design 

✅ Interfacing with ROS and ROS 2 for sensor data

✅ Object detection, tracking, and collision avoidance using image processing, deep learning, point cloud processing, and sensor fusion

✅ Mapping and pose estimation using lidar SLAM and visual SLAM

✅ Path planning and path following

✅ Simulation, verification, and hardware implementation


With MATLAB and Simulink, you can develop and verify algorithms for applications from perception to motion. Automatic code generation enables you to deploy the MATLAB code or Simulink model directly on real-time hardware, GPUs, and embedded CPUs.


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Convert your robotics ideas and concepts into autonomous systems that work seamlessly in real-world environments.

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