Introduction to Brushless DC Motor Control

Machines ranging from simple devices like drills to complex equipment like industrial robots all make use of brushless DC motors that convert electrical energy into rotational motion. BLDC motors offer many advantages over their brushed counterparts.

Read this ebook, featuring animated examples, to learn the basics of BLDC motors, including:

  • A comparison of brushed and brushless DC motors
  • Simulating BLDC motors to observe the back-EMF profile
  • Six-step commutation
  • Motor inner workings and torque generation
  • How three-phase inverters work

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Explore our solutions on Power Electronics Design

Download this white paper to learn how to develop a power converter digital controller using modeling and simulation.Using a SEPIC example, you can learn how to use Simulink to:

  • Model passive circuit elements, power semiconductors, and varying power sources and loads

  • Simulate the converter in continuous and discontinuous conduction modes

  • Determine power losses and simulate the thermal behavior of the converter

  • Tune the controller to meet design requirements such as rise time, overshoot, and settling time

  • Generate C code from the controller model for implementation on TI’s C2000™ microcontroller

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