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The load on the grid depends on multiple external factors making the data highly complex in nature. AI can be thought of as a tool to develop the forecast models for this complex data. At present, domain experts spend valuable efforts in cleaning data, searching for the right choice of predictive algorithms and fixing syntax of code. Manual deployment of developed models is also a cumbersome time-consuming process, and additionally requires IT expertise.


  • How to leverage domain expertise in the AI workflow using MATLAB.
  • How to deploy the algorithms seamlessly to the enterprise scale solutions.



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Our Speaker

Claudine Casipit Papag-1

               CLAUDINE PAPAG
                 Application Engineer 

Claudine works in the field of software development in the automotive and IT industries, specializing in modeling and simulation, verification, code generation, and tool automation using MATLAB and Simulink, doing cross-software configuration and helping different car manufacturers develop target systems. Extending capability in the application of model-based design and other methods, leveraging expertise in the fields of AI, robotics, hardware, and IoT implementation using MATLAB tools. 

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