Integrating Artificial Intelligence Models with Simulink


This webinar shows how and why you should integrate your AI models as model-based designs in Simulink. Simulink supported blocks for machine learning and deep learning will used to create predictive models for classification and regression problems. A demonstration of how to interpret the “black box” nature of artificial neural networks will be shown.



In addition, practical use cases in the field of engineering, design, and R&D will be explored. 


Topics include:

  • The Artificial Intelligence Umbrella

  • Simulink and Model-based Design

  • How to Build AI Functionality into your Systems?

  • Why should I integrate my AI components into Simulink?

  • Interpreting the black box nature of neural networks using Simulink

  • AI + Simulink Use Cases


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Date:  01 June  2021

Time: 15:00 PM (GMT+8)

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Engr. Rodolfo Salvador Jr.

Rod Salvador is a Data Science Application Engineer at TechSource Systems. His fields of specialization are computer vision, signal processing, embedded systems design, machine learning, and deep learning with MATLAB. Before joining TechSource Systems, he worked as a Firmware Engineer for power electronics applications at Emerson Automation Solutions. He also worked as a lecturer for a review center in Manila. Rod holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering from AMA University, Quezon City, Philippines. He is currently taking his master’s degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering, with a specialization in artificial intelligence, at De La Salle University, Manila.

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