Lidar Processing for Automated Driving


The use of lidar as a sensor for perception in Level 3 and Level 4 automated driving functionality is gaining popularity. MATLAB® and Simulink® can acquire and process lidar data for algorithm development for automated driving functions such as free space and obstacle detection. With the point-cloud processing functionality in MATLAB, you can develop algorithms for lidar processing, and visualize intermediate results to gain insight into system behavior.

This talk shows new capabilities including:

  • Acquiring live and offline data from Velodyne® sensors 
  • Registering lidar point clouds 
  • Segmenting objects and detecting obstacles 
  • Applying deep learning to lidar data 
  • Generating C/C++ and CUDA® code from lidar processing algorithms 
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Date: 18 Aug 2020

Time: 10:00am

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Meet the Speaker:

Kevin Chng

Application Engineer




Mr. Kevin Chng is the LTC Application Engineer at Techsource Systems. His focus is to help industry and academia leverage MATLAB and Simulink to develop automated driving applications. He have supported wide range of customers in automotive industry. 

Kevin has conducted seminars and workshops at various banks/hedge funds, government research agency and universities. He is one of the active contributors to MATLAB community.