THAI 19Apr22 Workshop Medical IP_ParallelComputingWorkshop



Use MATLAB® and Simulink® to gain insight into your image and video data, develop algorithms, and explore implementation tradeoffs.

  • Design vision solutions with a comprehensive set of reference-standard algorithms for image processing, computer vision, and deep learning.

  • Collaborate with teams using OpenCV, Python, and C/C++ using interoperable APIs and integration tools.

  • Use workflow apps to automate common tasks and accelerate algorithm exploration.

  • Accelerate algorithms on NVIDIA GPUs, cloud, and data center resources without specialized programming or IT knowledge.

  • Deploy algorithms to embedded devices, including NVIDIA GPUs, Intel processors and FPGAs, and ARM-based embedded processors.

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Our THAI Speaker

Kantika Wongkasem(NEW).png

Kantika Wongkasem

Application Engineer

Kantika specializes in the areas of Image processing and Convolution neural networks are a subset of machine learning, and they are at the heart of deep learning algorithms. Kantika received her bachelor’s degree from King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang with senior project Sign Language Detection use webcam camera to study image processing and learning algorithms with MATLAB. Currently, she is studying Master's degree in Engineering Technology at Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology with research image processing analysis application in the animal industry.