Live Webinar

Operational Research Made Simple
17.11.2020 | 15:00-16:00 (GMT+8)
Online via Webex

Operational Flow

About the Event

Optimization is frequently implemented by people whose educational background is in Operations Research or Industrial Engineering. This often results in practitioners who develop their own best practices based on trial and error while remaining silo-ed away from techniques that are common in typical IT organizations. Moreover, there is a tendency to think of optimization projects as consisting of a “hard” mathematical engine that can then be industrialized by an “easy” integration and polishing process.

What we going to discuss in this webinar we are going to demystify Operational Research with MATLAB/Simulink:




Operational research plays an important role in any successful business. View this webinar to learn how MATLAB seamlessly integrates with Simulink allowing you to:

  • Develop complex scheduling algorithms using MATLAB control flow statements
  • Access constraint-based optimization algorithms from MATLAB toolboxes
  • Call MATLAB from Simulink to optimize your supply chain model and maximize profit

A simple supply chain model incorporating an optimal blending strategy will be used to demonstrate these key concepts.

The Speaker

Photo - Ian
Ian Alferez
Application Engineering Manager

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