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How to Generate Wireless-Standard Waveform in 5 Minutes ?
19.06.2020 | 15:00-16:00 (GMT+8)
Online via Webex

About The Event

Wireless Communication


When designing wireless systems, at some point in your design cycle, you need to verify the characteristics of your signal using real hardware and RF test equipment.  This design verification task can be a challenge.

In this webinar we will show you how to easily perform 5G and WLAN signal generation using the Wireless Waveform Generator app. 

Then, you will learn how perform live tests and measurements by connecting your waveforms to RF instruments from within the same app in MATLAB. Using this workflow, you can verify that your device-under-test (DUT) works properly. Also, you can ensure that the performance metrics in your labs match those expected by standard specification. 




  • Generate 5G NR and 802.11ax signals
  • Introduce impairments to the signals
  • Transmit the signals over-the air using RF signal generators
  • Acquire IQ data from RF signal analyzers
  • Analyze received signal in MATLAB

The Speaker

Application Engineer

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