Live Webinar

Developing a Battery Management System Using Simulink
21.04.2020 | 15:00-16:00(GMT+8)
Online via Webex

About The Event


Are you facing challenges in developing and testing your Battery Management System (BMS)?

Battery management systems (BMS) ensure maximum performance, safe operation, and optimal lifespan of battery pack energy storage systems under diverse charge-discharge and environmental conditions.

Many articles online cited the use of simulation. However the golden question is how do I test my management system against a simulated model of the battery?

Discover how Model-Based Design and simulation tools from Mathworks can help you quickly build and test your simulated battery model and at the same time verify your management design.

  • Monitor cell voltage and temperature
  • Estimate battery state-of-charge (SOC) and state-of-health (SOH)
  • Limit power input and output for thermal and overcharge protection
  • Control the battery charging profile
  • Balance the state-of-charge of individual cells
  • Isolate the battery pack from source and load when necessary

In our Live webinar, you’ll learn how Simulink helps engineers from electrical, thermal, and software backgrounds collaborate throughout the development cycle of BMS algorithms.  Explore how you can gain insight into the dynamic behavior of the battery pack, explore more software architectures, test more operational cases, and begin hardware testing earlier with fewer design errors.

The Speakers

Dr Hanim Binti Basarudin
Application Engineer
Supamith Sutharojana
Application Engineer Team Lead

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