Live Webinar

Developing DC-DC Converter Controls
12 Mar 2021 | 03:00 SGT
Online via Webex



In this event, we will use a SEPIC circuit topology to show you how to model and simulate a DC-DC converter that powers an LED display. Using Simulink® and Simscape Electrical™, you will see how to develop, simulate, and implement a controller that maintains desired output voltage in the presence of input voltage variations and load changes to achieve fast and stable response. The demonstration will conclude with generating embedded code from the control algorithms suitable for implementing on a microcontroller.




  • Modeling and simulating passive circuit elements, power semiconductors, and varying power sources and loads
  • Simulating the converter in continuous and discontinuous conduction modes
  • Determining power losses and efficiency of the converter
  • Tuning the controller to meet rise time, overshoot, and settling time
  • Generating C code from the controller model for implementation on a Texas Instruments™ C2000™

Who Should Attend

  • Power Electronics Control Engineers 

  • Electrical and Power Electronics Hardware Engineers 

  • Software Engineers supporting Texas Instruments or other microcontrollers


Product Focus



The Speaker

Joel Van Sickel
Senior Application Engineer, MathWorks

Joel Van Sickel is a senior application engineer with MathWorks who focuses on power electronics and power systems. He was a hardware design engineer for radar power supplies and power systems prior to working at MathWorks.


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