Meet Certification Standards with Automated Requirements Based Testing



Production designs that need to comply with industry standards such as ISO 26262 or DO-178C need additional rigor, automation, and insight. Engineers must verify that the design meets requirements, is functionally correct, complies to certification standards, and is correctly implemented. Simulation with Model-Based Design is a key capability to help understand the behavior of complex designs.



This talk discusses verification capabilities of a reference workflow with Model-Based Design to automate manual steps for meeting certification standards. It covers new verification capabilities to support requirements modeling, automated guideline checking, and test. We will show you how to apply these capabilities systematically throughout a production development process to achieve higher quality and productivity.

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Meet the Speaker:

Ngoc Minh Cong Dong

Application Engineer



Ngoc Minh Cong Dong is an application engineer at TechSource Systems. His focus is to help automotive industry and academia leverage MATLAB and Simulink to develop applications. Cong have supported wide range of customers across the domains of automotive, telecom, defense, and semiconductor.

Cong holds Master Degree in Electronics Engineering from Ho Chi Minh University of Technology. Before joining TechSource Systems, he worked for Robert Bosch where he has worked on automotive and consumer electronics applications.