Live Webinar

Software Design for Medical Devices
2-4 Feb 2021
Online via Webex

MathWorks Presentation:
Developing IEC 62304-Compliant Embedded Software for Medical Devices
At SDMD 2021

About The Event



For The First Time - SDMD 2021 Is Going Digital! Join The Industries Leading Medical Device and Software Community From Wherever You Are In The World

Now more than ever, the future of the Healthcare Industry lies in our technology and our data so we need to ensure that our medical devices are secure, sustainable and user centric. We all know that Medical Devices have the potential to revolutionise medical treatments, diagnostics, patient engagement and quality of life – and even more critically, they have the ability to decrease the burden of care on our healthcare infrastructure, moving patient treatment out of the hospitals and into non-clinical environments. These opportunities and innovations do not come without challenges however - with ongoing regulatory scrutiny, increasing device and software security challenges and now remote device and software maintenance – there has never been a more important time to join the annual SDMD conversation!

Given the current climate, our 20201 SDMD forum will be Digital for the first time ever – bringing our industry leading experts and medical device community right into your home office! Our 11th Annual Software Design for Medical Devices Global Digital Forum remains the ONLY conference dedicated to ensuring your teams can achieve regulatory compliance and protect your devices from increasing cyber threats, whilst still embracing the cutting edge designs to get to market faster and stand out from your competitors.