Live Webinar

System Engineering & Architectural Modeling for Model Based Design
23 Feb 2021 | 14:00 - 15:30 SGT
Online via Webex


About The Event

Date Time
23 Feb 2021 14:00 PM - 15:30 PM SGT



A typical systems engineering process begins with intuitive high-level architectural models and requirements development. One challenge in many systems engineering workflows, however, is transitioning from these more abstract artifacts down to a detailed design that enables both simulation, validation and verification, and code-generation. MathWorks tools can help bridge this gap, providing the means for detailed system analyses, management of complexity, and requirements traceability.  

In this session, we will introduce MathWorks systems engineering tools and see how they can support an end-to-end engineering process. 


  • A model-based approach enables the development of intuitive, high-level system descriptions  
  • MathWorks tools allow you to create, manage, and trace requirements, and test your designs 


  1. Discuss the definition, goals, and processes of systems engineering, and how the MathWorks tool suite enables systems engineering 
  2. Introduce System Composer, the MathWorks systems engineering tool, and show how it integrates with Simulink Test and Simulink Coder/Embedded Coder
  3. Work through an example: 
  4. Create a system architecture model 
  5. Manage and trace requirements 
  6. Analyze the system with MATLAB 
  7. Define and verify system behaviors with Simulink and Stateflow.



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