Deploying LTE Wireless Communications
on FPGAs: A Complete MATLAB and
Simulink Workflow

  • Wireless communications are at the center of innovation in smart phones, high-reliability automated driving sys-
    tems, and low-power Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Designing these systems requires close collaboration across multiple disciplines.
  • Deploying algorithmic models to FPGA hardware makes it possible to do over-the-air testing and verification.
    Automatically generating HDL code directly from the system-level algorithms and models eliminates the need for
    engineers to rely on specification documents or manually architect and write code.
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Download this White Paper paper describes the process of converting MATLAB® algorithms and Simulink® models directly into HDL for FPGAs: Topics include:

  • LTE standard-compliant algorithmic modeling with MATLAB and LTE System ToolboxTM
  • Transitioning from a frame-based MATLAB algorithm to a streaming Simulink implementation
  • Fixed-point implementation using Fixed-Point DesignerTM and target hardware knowledge
  • Speeding design by using proven intellectual property (IP) blocks
  • Generating HDL and deploying on target hardware, in this case a Xilinx® Zynq® device
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Deploying LTE Wireless Communications on FPGAs

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