FPGA-Based Rapid Control Prototyping of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Servo Drives

For a PMSM-based servo system, synthesize a position and velocity control algorithm with the following properties: (1) fast convergence to the reference, (2) disturbance rejection and (3) low computational complexity that fits typical FPGA or microcontroller specifications.


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Experimental position control of PM synchronous motor
 Simple framework to design multi-rate motor controllers
 Outer loop: LQR position controller with disturbance observer
 Inner loop: field-oriented control of stator currents
 Real-time testing using multi-core CPUs and a Xilinx FPGA
 Automatic C and VHDL code generation from Simulink
 No need to convert to fixed-point, stay in floating-point

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Rotational Velocity

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