Speed Up Digital Control Design of DC-DC Converters with Simulink

System-level simulation with Simulink speeds up digital control development for DC-DC converters, including buck converters, boost converters, and single-ended primary-inductor converter (SEPICs), that must control voltage over a range of operating conditions.

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Download this white paper to learn how to develop a power converter digital controller using modeling and simulation.Using a SEPIC example, you can learn how to use Simulink to:

  • Model passive circuit elements, power semiconductors, and varying power sources and loads

  • Simulate the converter in continuous and discontinuous conduction modes

  • Determine power losses and simulate the thermal behavior of the converter

  • Tune the controller to meet design requirements such as rise time, overshoot, and settling time

  • Generate C code from the controller model for implementation on TI’s C2000™ microcontroller

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Develop power electronics control systems using simulation with MATLAB, Simulink, and a full set of products for power electronics control.

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